Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I still have access to McAfee Security Suite?  
  2. What does McAfee Security Suite include?  
  3. What are the system requirements to run McAfee Security Suite?  
  4. The McAfee Security Suite registration page requires a Spectrum Business email address. I do not remember my Spectrum Business email address. What do I do?  
  5. After I fill out the registration form online for the McAfee Security Suite, what happens next?  
  6. Can I install the McAfee Security Suite on all the PCs and Macs in my office?  
  7. What if I cancel my Spectrum Business Internet service?  
  8. What if I already have another Anti-Virus, or Anti-Spyware software installed on my PC or Mac?  
  9. What if I have questions about using McAfee Security Suite?  
  10. What is Spyware?  
  11. How does my computer become infected with Spyware?  
  12. What is a Virus?  
  13. How do anti-virus solutions work?  
  14. What damage can viruses cause?  


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